Mr. Blocko is similiar to Tetris but instead of controlling the lines, you control a little square guy who pushes them around. The goal is the same: Clear lines to gain points.
However, you only gain points for the blocks in your color, and the only way to turn blocks into your color is to push them!

The new version, Super Tournament Edition, features, among other things, simultaneous four-player multiplayer, and the ability to customise the game engine to your liking.

Defend the Earth from a huge battleship in this classic, bullet-hell shooter, akin to such games as Ikaruga and Giga Wing. Beware however, as the enemy will change its tactics dependingon its arsenal's effectiveness in battle, focusing its firepower on what actually works!

GoldenEye 2D is a GameBoy-style remake of the excellent GoldenEye for the Nintendo 64. Take control of the man with the black tuxedo, James Bond, and, well, shoot stuff! Do you have what it takes to survive a close encounter with Jaws and earn the rank of '00 Agent'?

This version features only one level, the Dam, which GoldenEye fans will recognise immediately. We've also added a few things of our own to spice it up, such as 5 different weapons, a few bosses, and the classic James Bond gunbarrel intro.

Platformer/shooter inspired by Contra and Metal Slug. Control Statham and take down evil before mankind is wiped out! Statham started life as Robot Factory. After many months of work, we decided to simplify the game and start again. The core gameplay from Robot Factory was kept, but the graphics, environments and storyline have changed completely.

Scrolling platformer shoot-em-up where you must... shoot guys for no reason. Features five difficulties, four different weapons, and a big robot on tank wheels.

Standard top-down shoot-ém-up with a lot of interesting ideas that never made it all the way, or anywhere at all. Kept for historical reasons (back when we liked to call ourselves Team Sempai..) and for the 5 minutes of gameplay it has.