Perfect Run proudly presents:

Coding - Bisse
Graphics - Grindie

Scrolling platformer shoot-em-up where you must... shoot guys for no reason. Features five difficulties, four different weapons, and a big robot on tank wheels.

Grindie says:
Progress on Run N Gun (thanks to HOi for that nifty name!) was going rather well for the first few months We pretty much completed the first level and started work on the boss when IT happened.

We never had a plan for RnG, we were simply making it up as we went (just like our other failed game, Perfect Run) and we ran out of ideas. The process became too cluttered, we lost our footing and fell down the metaphorical Everest we had attempted to climb. (...interesting metaphore with the mountain there. // Bisse)

Good thing we only got a few feet up, eh?

Bisse says:
Not much to say about the progress that G hasn't already said, so instead i'll talk about the game itself. I'm a bit sad we dropped it because I like how it plays. There's is a lot of attention to detail in there and I think it controls really smoothly and plays very well. Overall it's fun as hell to play and the platformer elements work splendid.

Bugs me that the game can get very unfair at times, for example when you have 3-4 yellow soldiers all over you plus another enemy to keep track of, and there's bullets flying all over the place and there's no way in hell you'll get out without losing one or two lives. The game really could've used a close-combat instakill move la Metal Slug's knife slash. Overall though, fun game. All it really needs is some goddamn sound.